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Mary Morant-Saunders - Clinical Director

Mary Morant-Saunders is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist and Licensed professional counselor originally from Buffalo, New York. She has nearly two decades of experience in mental health and substance abuse.  She began her career in case management and has ascended to supervisory roles in addictions and behavioral interventions.  Ms. Morant-Saunders has been a member of Chi Sigma Iota, International Counseling Honors Society Since 2011. Ms. Morant-Saunders is also a Registered Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist with The North Carolina Child Treatment Program and State of NC.

Nequeela Deas-Blanton - Therapist

Andreas Parsley-Williams - Administration Director

Andreas Parsley-Williams is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor with IC&RC reciprocity in 5 states.  He has over a generation of experience in case management, group dynamics and cultural competencies. He began specializing in substance abuse in 2006 and has worked in in-patient treatment facilities as well as an EAP supervisor for government agencies.  Mr. Parsley-Williams’ vast experience with varying demographics and youth has created a system of experiential groups that are high in relatability. 

William Warren - S/A Counselor

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